The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln And Lauren Cohan Nominated For Peoples Choice Awards

Fans of The Walking Dead have said for years that the actors on the show deserve more recognition. [...]

Fans of The Walking Dead have said for years that the actors on the show deserve more recognition. Yet, when awards season rolls around, many of the show's stars are absent from the nominees.

When it comesto the People's Choice Awards, however, the fans get a chance to make their voices heard. And it looks like the fans have spoken in favor of their favorite zombie-killers.

The list of nominees for this year's People's Choice Awards were released this week, and a couple of The Walking Dead's stars are up for awards. Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan were both nominated for Best Actor/Actress in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Cable Drama.

Andrew Lincoln plays lead character Rick Grimes, and his performance has been adored by fans all over the world. Over the course of six seasons, Lincoln has continued to improve his take each and every year. In season six, Lincoln took his performance to another level, and fans have cried out even louder for the actor to earn awards.

Lauren Cohan first appeared on The Walking Dead in season two, and plays the character of Maggie. Fans have watched as her character falls in love with Glenn, and as she gets over the heartbreak of losing him. Her portrayal of true love and grief has been one of the highlights of the series.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was nominated for a Critics Choice Award for his role as Negan, and The Walking Dead is up for its own Peoples Choice Award as well.

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(Photo: AMC)


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