The Walking Dead: Melissa McBride on Rick Grimes and Carol Reunion in Movies

By now, you know the story. Rick Grimes flew away from Alexandria in a helicopter and more than [...]

By now, you know the story. Rick Grimes flew away from Alexandria in a helicopter and more than six years have passed within the world of The Walking Dead since that moment. Andrew Lincoln has been promised a trilogy of films to unpack Rick's destination and with the exit of Danai Gurira's Michonne, the theme of all Rick Grimes content seems to be centered around three words: "Bring him home." Little Judith gave such instructions to Michonne when she found signs of Rick being alive, prompting Carol actress Melissa McBride to share a photo of Lincoln as Rick on Twitter with the same three words in her caption. A reunion between Carol and Rick, for now, is a fantasy but somewhere down the road might be a rewarding reality for fans, cast members, and characters.

According to McBride, the bring him home themes "always was," the sentiment when the subject was Rick Grimes, "since we saw him lift off in that helicopter." Rick's final episode of The Walking Dead aired in the form of Episode 9x05 in the fall of 2018. "I haven't talked to him in a while," McBride admits. "I know he's doing some stuff, but I haven't talked to him in a while, and I talk to him through other people. I get the low down. So, I'm very anxious to see what his work is on The Walking Dead, in the Walking Dead world."

McBride is one of two cast members who remain on the AMC zombie series since its first season. Her character, naturally, developed a close relationship with Rick Grimes in the years they spent together. However, when the characters ultimately come face to face again, McBride has a good idea about what she will want to say to Rick and it's not about her or their history. "I think she would probably tell him that Judith is alive and well and is such an amazing human being," McBride said. "More than you could ever imagine, and she's so much like her mothers. And him. 'She's so much like you, Rick.'"

Fingers crossed this reunion comes to fruition, one day. Originally, AMC announced that a trilogy of films starring Lincoln as Rick Grimes would be coming to theaters. Since then, only a vague teaser showcasing the Philadelphia skyline and the helicopter which took Rick away from Alexandria has been revealed. Gurira's Michonne was originally planned for the second of the three films but AMC as yet to confirm any news about if, when, or where Gurira might reprise her role following her exit in Episode 10x13.

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