'The Walking Dead' Makes Fun Of CGI Deer With Super Bowl

Skybound's official The Walking Dead account had a little fun at the AMC show's expense during [...]

Skybound's official The Walking Dead account had a little fun at the AMC show's expense during Super Bowl LII on Sunday night.

During the big game, NBC used graphics to show players from the New England Patriots and ultimately victorious Philadelphia Eagles which were reminiscent of graphics from Madden games in 2005. Well, it's 2018, and graphics have come a long way and people have higher expectation when watching the Super Bowl. The same can be said about audiences watching The Walking Dead and seeing a deer at an abandoned carnival with the quality there being a bit lackluster, as well.

"Sheesh our CGI deer looked better than this," The Walking Dead wrote with a picture of the computerized Tom Brady. Check out the tweet below.

For a show which brought a tiger to life with animated graphics and can convincingly make Steven Yeun look like his Glenn Rhee's eye popped out of his skull, the standard for computerized deer was certainly higher than what was delivered back in Season Seven.

It's good to see the folks involved with the brand having a bit of fun with the moment. Never forget the deer, though, because the fans won't. Some even took to Twitter to offer AMC some help should they need another deer in the future.

Some fans just want to see The Walking Dead succeed.

As a result, they have taken to Twitter to share their personal work creating fake deer, just in case The Walking Dead might need a little bit of help with it in the future.

Either way, don't expect to see such fake animals on The Walking Dead ever again after the backlash that followed it, though a continued sense of humor and self-awareness is always welcome.

The New World Order story arc is set to play out across six issues of The Walking Dead with the next installment, issue #176, set to release in February. The Walking Dead returns for the second half of its eighth season on February 25, 2018 on AMC. For complete coverage and insider info all year long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.