The Walking Dead Creator's New Apocalypse Series Heading To Latin America

Following the deal which earned Five Year a platform on the Korean streaming service Viki, The [...]

Following the deal which earned Five Year a platform on the Korean streaming service Viki, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and his Skybound Entertainment partner Dave Alpert are gearing up to launch the series in Latin America.

Skybound will team up with TV consulting and production company 360 Powwow to produce Five Year in Latin American markets.

Like The Walking Dead, Five Year is an end-of-the-world story, though centered around a different kind of doom. Five Year follows a family as their impending death by meteor striking earth nears, exploring the human condition when the population learns that civilization will end upon impact in five years. The series will first be filmed as a 16-episode Korean drama. Kirkman and Alpert are overseeing the production.

"It's an exciting endeavor for us to embark on the task of developing this property across multiple Latin American markets," Alpert said. "The Skybound team is thrilled to partner with 360 Powwow, and we look forward to telling this story from the rich cultural perspective of the Latin American community under the guidance and insight of their pedigreed team."

Kirkman's idea for Five Year spawned after The Walking Dead, which began in 2003. The concept's roots are in the idea of society having full knowledge of an inevitable end, unlike Armageddon which dealt with trying to save the world. Alpert says the series is a metaphor for a life in which everyone has an "end date," but nobody wants to think about it. The series will see the stages of dealing with the inevitable end, starting with denial, then acceptance, and finally their reactions and choices.


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This is one of many productions Kirkman and company have found themselves involved with since The Walking Dead became such a powerhouse on AMC. Kirkman also has his hands all over Cinemax's Outcast series which is based on his comic book and recently produced the film Air with Djimon Honsou and Norman Reedus.

A premiere date for Five Year has not yet been revealed.

(via THR)