'The Walking Dead': Eugene Confronts Dwight In New Clip

There's a mole in Negan's army, undermining the Saviors in the war against Alexandria, the Hilltop [...]

There's a mole in Negan's army, undermining the Saviors in the war against Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom — and Eugene has figured out its Dwight.

In an extended sneak peek from 8x07, "Time for After," Eugene struggles with this newly learned information. He gets out a notebook. Writes three categories: "What I know," "what I know I don't know," and "things I am unaware of, wholly." It doesn't assuage his curiosity, so he visits Dwight's room.

"It doesn't require a term grade decryption to grow up the truth you're the traitor creeping and colluding with AHK — it's an acronym I concocted, Alexandria, Hilltop, Kingdom," Eugene says. "I considered going with KAH but it remains a hair too long on a pig. I've been charged by no less than Negan himself with cracking the very calamity you more than likely had a hand in creating."

Eugene's ass is on the line. In 8x05, Negan told him he'll be made "very, very happy" if he solves the problem of the walker horde surrounding the Sanctuary, pinning everyone inside. If Eugene doesn't solve it, Negan says, "I assure you I will kill you quickly so you don't have to see all the awful, horrific things that are gonna go down here when we run outta food and water."

Eugene informs Dwight he put two and two together — the still-wet red paint on Dwight's self-made chess pieces, the red paint on the bag of weapons handed down to the Savior orderlies — and came up with four. He tells the literal two-faced Dwight to cease and desist his "Judasness," ASAP. "In exchange," Eugene says, "I offer to keep what I know from Negan and the others."

Dwight moves in. Grabs him. Sits him down.

"The Saviors are finished," he says, pissed he's this close to toppling Negan only for Eugene to throw a wrench into the works. "Negan's finished. This place, what it's been, that's all over. Food and water is running low, workers are angry, the Saviors, they're getting scared. And this place is gonna fall. And all you have to do to be on the winning side is to stand down. All you have to do is nothing. Wait. Let it play out. Can you do that?"

As shown in a sneak peek look at 8x07, Negan puts the pressure on Eugene, telling him he doesn't want to see him get eaten by all those nasty, chewing corpses outside. Eugene actor Josh McDermitt is on record as saying Eugene is fully Team Negan, but following Dwight's advice and keeping his mouth shut would ensure the continued success of Rick's plan to defeat Negan and the Saviors — freeing Eugene from the constant threat of expulsion and death currently keeping him in line over at the Sanctuary.

But does Eugene have the fortitude to risk Dwight's machinations being discovered and landing himself being fingered as a co-conspirator?

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