The Walking Dead Has A Plan To Tell Negan's Backstory On The TV Series

Negan has taken pop culture by storm, as his villainous personality has taken over one the world's [...]

Negan has taken pop culture by storm, as his villainous personality has taken over one the world's most popular shows. The Walking Dead had succeeded long before Negan debuted last season, but she show definitely won't be the same once he's gone.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays the TV version of the fan-favorite comic villain, and he has done an incredible job. The bat-toting potty-mouth has shaken the entire series up, and fans are never sure whether to love him or fear him.

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This kind of compelling character isn't possible without an equally compelling backstory, and fans of the show are wondering if they will ever get to see it.

According to producer/showrunner Scott Gimple, they absolutely will.

During an interview with Yahoo!, Gimple opened up about exploring Negan's story a bit further. When the host asked if he has plans to do so, the producer was willing leak a little information.

"I do believe yes, it's in the future. You know, I'm always careful about this, [because] things can absolutely change," Gimple says. "There's a loose plan in place I have."

Image has been slowly releasing Negan's backstory in the Image+ preview magazine, which hits shelves each month. Every issue includes four pages of Here's Negan, and the plan is for that story to run for twelve months.

The mini-comic has explained what Negan did for a living, where he came from, and why his bat is named Lucille. Here's Negan also does a great job exlaining how the villain came to be as charming and vulgar as he is.

Scott Gimple hinted that the Here's Negan story is where they would pull much of his history from.

"I take that 'Here's Negan' story as the backstory," Gimple says. "There's some aspects of it that will probably be cool [on the show]. It's some fairly far-flung stuff… in the future, you will see some stuff from that."

Negan is slated to appear in the next episode of The Walking Dead, 'Sing Me A Song'. It has been revealed that fans will get some more insight into the villain's home-life in this episode, so there's a chance some of his backstory could be revealed as well.

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Source: Yahoo!