‘The Walking Dead’: Henry Star Didn’t Think He Was a “Replacement” for Carl

Matt Lintz, who played six-years-later Henry in The Walking Dead Season Nine, expected to stay on the series beyond his 10 episodes but didn’t consider Henry to be a replacement for the killed off Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs).

“I think you should never be so sure you’re gonna stay on the show obviously because The Walking Dead, you can just get cut off randomly,” Lintz said at Walker Stalker Con London.

“But the storylines were really cool, I didn’t really know — I haven’t read the comics, so a lot of people were telling me later, ‘This is Carl’s stuff, this is so cool.’ It was definitely really cool to do the Lydia (Cassady McClincy) stuff and be captured and all this amazing stuff, but you can never be sure. Although I thought I’d be in it later, you never know.”

Lintz is the third member of his family to join the franchise after older sister Madison, who played Carol’s (Melissa McBride) daughter Sophia in seasons One and Two, and younger brother Macsen, who played Henry before the six-year time skip that followed the disappearance of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

Because Sophia is still alive in creator Robert Kirkman’s comic books, the eldest Lintz warned against feeling too comfortable.

“She definitely told me, ’Don’t get too excited, don’t get too sure, because you can die randomly,’” Lintz said. “And I think killing Henry and [Enid and Tara], it really raises the shock factor and really surprises the fans.”

Also in attendance at Walker Stalker Con London was Riggs, who said it’s “super cool” knowing Henry inherited the biggest storyline that originally belonged to Carl in the books.

“It’s been cool to see him, because I haven’t seen him in quite a while,” Lintz said when asked if he connected with Riggs over Henry, who doesn’t have an exact comic book counterpart.

“Just being able to talk to him, we both love video games and then talking about computers and stuff, it’s cool. We haven’t really talked about Henry and Carl so much as Chandler and Matt, I think it’s cool to just meet up with him.”

The Walking Dead Season Ten is due out in October.



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