The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Shows Off Car Trunk With Lucille Logo

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a fan of The Walking Dead long before he was cast as Negan. Having been a [...]

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a fan of The Walking Dead long before he was cast as Negan. Having been a part of the AMC series for years now, his fandom has not faded in anyway. After revealing that he has a beautiful car which he has named Lucille, named after his Negan character's pre-apocalyptic late wife, he has now shown off something special permanently hidden in the trunk of that car. Morgan's special red leather interior on this Mustang has Negan's iconic Lucille baseball bat stamped into it, permanently cementing his love for the character.

Negan was first introduced in The Walking Dead's Season Six finale. Morgan's character came trotting into the series just like his comic book counterpart, belittling the survivors which audiences had been following and eventually bashing one of their heads in with a baseball bat. Of course, after the cliffhanger was carried out, it was revealed there were two victims in Negan's assault by use of his precious Lucille bat.

Check out the Lucille pattern in the trunk of Morgan's Mustang in the photo the actor tweeted below!

The bat's look seems to be consistent with the design from Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's work in The Walking Dead comics moreso than the live-action TV series on AMC.

Recently, Morgan's character has emerged as the best part of The Walking Dead. Throughout the current season, the character has provided some of the most interesting story beats and outright entertaining moments. Of course, he was also reunited with his precious Lucille bat and his leather jacket which always makes the character that much more fun.

"Kang's take on Negan is one which makes him slightly more relatable for fans,"'s article about Negan reads. Yes, this is still the guy who killed beloved characters which makes it difficult to fully embrace him, but that conflict makes the whole thing that much more intriguing. Now, Negan is fully defending kids from harm and stopping murderers in their tracks."

Is Negan your favorite part of The Walking Dead right now? Do you love that he named his car Lucille after his character's precious baseball bat? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram and Twitter.

The Walking Dead returns for the rest of its tenth season in February of 2020.