The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Named His Car Lucille

The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan has taken a piece of his Negan character with him. The former villain of the AMC zombie series is known for carrying a barbed wire bat which he likes to refer to as Lucille, named after his late wife. Now, the actor has revealed that his all-black Mustang that he is driving around in upstate New York is named after that bat. Morgan shared a few photos of the car and his adorable daughter climbing around in it in a tweet which he referred to the car by the same name as his prop bat on The Walking Dead.

"Twerp even allowed to muck up my beauty," Morgan wrote in a tweet. "She got in the Mustang today, happily inside, jumpin' all over, pushing buttons, steering, making car engine sounds, and screaming, 'Dead! Ride!' as I washed Lucille. George is definitely daddy's girl. I am hers. Car also probably hers."

Check out the adorable photos in the tweet from Jeffrey Dean Morgan below!

Morgan joined The Walking Dead as Negan in the season six finale episode. He dominated the series through its seventh and eighth seasons before being quite quiet in its ninth. Now, in the currently-on-hiatus tenth season, Morgan's Negan has emerged as the best part of the show as showrunner Angela Kang seems to have dialed into a perfect stream of writing for the character.

"Kang's take on Negan is one which makes him slightly more relatable for fans,"'s article about Negan reads. Yes, this is still the guy who killed beloved characters which makes it difficult to fully embrace him, but that conflict makes the whole thing that much more intriguing. Now, Negan is fully defending kids from harm and stopping murderers in their tracks."


Is Negan your favorite part of The Walking Dead right now? Do you love that he named his car Lucille after his character's precious baseball bat? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram and Twitter.

The Walking Dead returns for the rest of its tenth season in February of 2020.