'The Walking Dead' Just Set Up Eugene's Heroic Comic Book Moment

The final moments of The Walking Dead's latest episode may have finally set the stage for Eugene [...]

The final moments of The Walking Dead's latest episode may have finally set the stage for Eugene to find redemption in true-to-the-comics fashion.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 8x05 and comic books follow!

When Eugene Porter discovered and feverish Father Gabriel in a cell in Negan's Sanctuary, the Alexandrian priest pleaded with his former ally for help. More specifically, Father Gabriel asked Eugene to help get Doctor Carson back to the Hilltop to help Maggie rather than aiding himself from what appears to be the walker virus.

In The Walking Dead comics, Eugene is given an opportunity to help some Saviors, wives, and others escape the Sanctuary. The the second half of the All Out War story, Eugene suggests to Doctor Carson they flee the Sanctuary and return to the Hilltop so he can reunite with his brother. Shortly thereafter, the doctor opens Eugene's cell and attempts to escape with him.

Along there journey, Eugene and Doctor Carson encounter Mark (the character whose face was burnt by Negan and was mocked for wetting his pants) and Amber. It appears, for a moment, Mark was going to stop them but, instead, the two characters join the escape.

Along the way, the group appears to be cornered by walkers and a Savior taking aim with a sniper. Eugene steps up to the plate here. The smart survivor uses a hammer to rig the van's horn, attracting walkers to it, and blocking the Savior's shot. The group ultimately escapes and heads to the Hilltop.

Part of Doctor Carson's motivation to escape the Sanctuary and head to the Hilltop is to reunite with his brother in the comics but, on the AMC series, Negan has already killed one of the siblings. This would mean the doctor would most likely be heading out to aid Maggie and avenge his brother who was thrown into a pit of fire.

Either way, Father Gabriel might have achieved his wish of a fruitful death and prompted Eugene's unforgettable escape from the Sanctuary, finally making the character Team Family, again.

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