‘The Walking Dead’ Comics Kill Off Major Character

December’s issue of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead claims the series’ latest major [...]

December's issue of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead claims the series' latest major casualty: Dwight, the reformed Savior who took over as leader of Sanctuary following Negan's defeat.

Walking Dead Dwight 1
(Photo: Image Comics)

Issue #186 sees Dwight, who emerged post-war as one of Rick Grimes' most trusted allies, freed from jail after trying to incite a revolt of the "police state" Commonwealth — a network of more than 50,000 survivors overseen by its Governor, Pamela Milton, who implemented a class system separating its high class and low class citizens.

Wanting to save the people and arguing Milton is as bad as power-hungry tyrant Negan, Dwight rallied to have Pamela overthrown and Rick installed as the Commonwealth's new leader, a position backed by Milton's chief officer Mercer.

Rick, believing the Commonwealth is special, furiously took issue with Dwight's attempted revolution but admitted its society is built on taking advantage of other people and that its system is "backwards and unfair."

Hesitant to stoke another war, Rick instead urged Dwight and ally Michonne to seek out a way to make things better for everyone — only for Michonne to reveal she invited Milton to their meeting for a sit-down.

Milton arrived with armed guards, threatening to expel Dwight and reacting with fury to collusion despite Michonne's protests for a peaceful resolution on all sides.

Dwight then held Milton at gunpoint, insisting order at the Commonwealth would fall into its place and its people would back the rebels if their current leadership was overthrown.

Rick was forced to shoot Dwight, killing him instantly. The kill earned Milton's respect, who told Rick she "wouldn't forget" the favor.

He later angrily blamed Michonne for Dwight's death, telling her he would never forgive what she made him do. When Michonne told Rick his executing Dwight avoided a war, Rick questioned if he had — or if he'd just joined the wrong side.

Austin Amelio, who plays Dwight's live-action counterpart, recently confirmed during a convention appearance his redemption-seeking former Savior is still alive following the series' six-year time jump. Dwight is expected to reappear elsewhere in the Walking Dead Universe.

The Walking Dead next releases issue #187 January 2.