Former The Walking Dead Star Shares Emotional Goodbye Video From Last Day on Set

Lindsley Register shared with fans a goodbye video captured on her 'very emotional' final day on [...]

Lindsley Register shared with fans a goodbye video captured on her "very emotional" final day on The Walking Dead, where Register played former Savior Laura. Once a high-ranking Savior loyal to then-leader Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), clashing with informant Dwight (Austin Amelio) when he helped Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and the survivors win their war against the Saviors, Laura later assimilated into Alexandria and served on its council alongside such community leaders as Michonne (Danai Gurira), Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam). Laura was one of multiple victims killed by Whisperer Beta (Ryan Hurst) when he butchered his way through Alexandria while hunting defector Gamma (Thora Birch) in Season 10 episode "Stalker."

"It's kind of a wild time, and I've just been floored by the fans' response to Laura's death," Register says in a video uploaded to YouTube. "As an actor, you feel really valued when the fans share with you that they feel a loss of your character. But I just have nothing but good memories with this show. As an actor I feel like I've grown so much, as a person I feel like I've grown so much. I was challenged and stretched in every which way."

"I hope you'll be nice, because it's super vulnerable sharing this. It's vulnerable to let people see you wrestling with your emotions in this way," Register adds. "I just feel like I want to share that with you. It was such a special moment and one I'll never, ever forget."

In footage recorded after wrapping "Stalker," an emotional Register reflects on her four seasons with The Walking Dead. Laura debuted in Season 7 episode "The Cell," first aired in Nov. 2016.

"I just think that this will be a very special chapter of my story. It's such a mixed bag because I'm excited to see what's next in my career, but I just have to be in this moment right now. Because I just feel like I'm leaving camp or something, and I'm going to miss all my friend," she says. "And I miss the character. She was so cool."

"I just feel overwhelmed," Register admits. "Like I got to do what so many people dream about. And I can't wait for the fans to see the scene, the death scene, and freak out. I'm really proud of myself for getting here, because it hasn't been easy. But it's been so much fun."

Register signs off with a final farewell to The Walking Dead family, who took to Twitter to mourn Laura and share support for the actress.

"I feel like I'm always gonna be a part of this family, which is a lovely and a beautiful thing. Laura's come so much farther than I ever thought she would, and these memories are going to be irreplaceable," she says. "I've got a very long career ahead of me in which I'm excited to play many roles and share many stories with you guys, and I just want to say thanks for your continued support. You guys are the best fans in the world."

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