'The Walking Dead' Showrunner Offers More "X" Scar Clues

The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang is offering up a bit more insight regarding the mysterious "X" scars seen on Daryl and Michonne.

The scars were first revealed in the first two post-Rick Grimes episodes of The Walking Dead, each taking place six years after he was left presumed dead by the survivors in the Alexandria area. In that time, some dark events have plagued the survivors he left behind since flying away on a helicopter, and that story will unfold when the show returns for the back half of its ninth season.

"So, the scars. Clearly, our group has been through some stuff in the six years that we've jumped," Kang told CinemaBlend. "I will say that within the back half, we will start to learn more about what the story was. There will be an answer for the audience in terms of what was the origin of these scars and what kind of led Alexandria a bit down the path that it's been on. It's what's exciting about the six year gap is there's some opportunities to play with time and maybe see some of what that story was in the future. So that's kinda what I'll say."

The importance of the events of the six years which haven't been revealed seems as though it can't be understated. Not only do Daryl and Michonne wear the scars of it but Alexandria has seemingly closed itself off to other communities, as well.

"It's definitely something that is a big part now of the backstory of Alexandria and the people there," Kang said. "It's something that looms large in their minds and has obviously had an effect on them. Because six years is a long time, so stuff had to have happened. So they've all been through a lot, some more than others."

While flashbacks become a factor, fans can expect to see characters who have died in the present timeline make returns. However, the show won't lose focus of the fan-favorites.


"I think that the characters that we still have, they're so strong," Kang said. "It's been really gratifying to really get to have more material for Norman Reedus and Danai Gurira and Melissa McBride and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who's doing amazing work, as well as this entire ensemble of people. And so I think they've really been just shining in their episodes."

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