'The Walking Dead': Mole In Rick's Group Confirmed

As The Walking Dead's war rolls on through the fifth episode of the show's eighth season, the [...]

As The Walking Dead's war rolls on through the fifth episode of the show's eighth season, the teases of a mole residing in Alexandria have finally been confirmed.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 8x05 follow.

In the opening moments of The Walking Dead's latest episode, Gregory's time at the Sanctuary was explored prior to Rick's army arriving. While staying at Negan's hideout, Gregory was greeted by Simon, who appeared to be conspiring with the Hilltop's former leader to cover himself within the Saviors.

While collaborating on their story, Gregory vouches for his own innocence by reminding Simon he was already being made aware of the plans between Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom. Simon and the Saviors were aware of the groups cooperation and plans to attack the Saviors before Gregory arrived, proving someone specifically in the Alexandria group was providing information.

With Father Gabriel officially ruled out as the mole, having both a fight and an intimate conversation with Negan in the trailer outside of the Sanctuary, there appears to be a limited number of candidates.

Of course, Eugene may have been aware of Rick's plans to team up with the Hilltop and Kingdom. The character was likely aware of Rick's plans prior to his being taken by Negan, though Rick's journey to the Kingdom and first search for guns ended at the same time Eugene was taken hostage.

Jadis is also ruled out, as she is not a member of the Alexandria community and Simon would not have learned from her, either.

Of the remaining Alexandrian characters, the possibilities range from main fan-favorite survivors to lower-tier names who will be seeing quite a boost in recognition should they be the traitor. It could be anyone from Tobin to Aaron, though both have been involved in the attacks on the Saviors throughout Rick's plans. Meanwhile, Enid remains a candidate, as well, though many fans suspected the Katelyn Nacon character of being a mole back in the days of the Wolves. Even Carl's name can be tossed into the mix as his twisted respect for Negan could have earned the villain enough cool points for some important information.

As the mole situation plays out on The Walking Dead, ComicBook.com/TheWalkingDead will continue the hunt for exclusive intel.

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