The Walking Dead: Negan Torture Easter Egg In Opening Credits

The Walking Dead has become known for many things over its seven year run on AMC. Aside from the [...]

The Walking Dead has become known for many things over its seven year run on AMC. Aside from the obvious things, like flesh-eating zombies, the series has been one of the best at the opening credits game.

The title sequence for The Walking Dead is a perfect intro to the devastating world of Rick and his group. The creepy string music sets the tone for the entire show, and the images of empty bulidings and run-down cities make you cringe at the thought of such a tragedy.

With each season, however, these title sequences change. The music has always stayed the same, but the selection of images changes depending on the characters and locales depicted in that season.

Since everyone was waiting to see who Negan killed when the seventh season premiered this past week, no one spent a ton of time worrying about the credits. They did change, like always, but this new opening sequence added an enormous Easter Egg about Negan from the comic series.
(Photo: AMC)

As new star Jeffery Dean Morgan's name comes across the screen, the focus is on a fireplace. Slightly out of focus, but in the forefront, a bat handle can be seen.

The bat handle isn't surprising to anyone, given that he established Lucille's importance in season six.

If you take a closer look into the fire, you will see the handle of an iron emerging from the blaze. If you've read The Walking Dead comic series, you know that this is a horrifying tease as to what Negan can do.

Negan uses a hot iron to punish his Saviors who misbehave. Instead of bashing them with Lucille, or cutting off a body part, Negan burns their faces with a scalding iron.

Ever wonder where Dwight got his scars from?

TWD Dwight Season7

Dwight was running from Negan before he had the scars on his face, and he seems to be Negan's loyal puppy now that he's got them. It's not an accident, if that's what you're thinking.

This tease in the credits means we will probably see Negan use his preferred method of punishment at some point this season. This may be in a flashback, revealing how Dwight got his scars. This also could be one of the torture methods Negan chooses to use on Daryl, now that he's taken him captive.

If you thought the violence of The Walking Dead would slow down after the premiere, this Easter Egg may just prove you wrong.