'The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Explains Daryl And Carol's Special Relationship

There is no denying Carol and Daryl have had a special relationship throughout their time together [...]

There is no denying Carol and Daryl have had a special relationship throughout their time together on The Walking Dead, especially from Norman Reedus.

During an interview on AMC's Talking Dead show, The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus opened up about Daryl and Carol's relationship which has remained platonic through all of its screen tie.

"There's something about Carol and Daryl, like she knows him better than he knows himself," Reedus said. "If somebody else were to tell him certain things, I don't think he would hear them but, when she says stuff to him, he listens. To somebody else it might seem like he's fine out there in the words but to her it's like he's lacking something and it's become more of an emotional connection that he's gotten rid of. Because of what happened, he's chasing the moon. He's never gonna catch it but he's chasing the moon. So, she kind of takes him off guard."

Check out the interview with Reedus as posted to Talking Dead's Twitter account below.

While Melissa McBride's Carol has become romantic with King Ezekiel, many fans are still clamoring to see Carol and Daryl become more than friends. "His blessing did mean a lot to her," McBride told ComicBook.com of Daryl's sentiments of Carol and Ezekiel in the Season Nine premiere. "She wanted to know if he is still gonna be cool!"

As for Carol and Daryl's future: "You never know, you know?" McBride told ET (via FanFest) ahead of Season Nine. "I love how they have each other's back. I love their relationship. Whatever it is, I love their relationship. The fans can look forward to more Daryl and Carol scenes."

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