Sydney Park Teases Oceanside's Return On 'The Walking Dead'

The world of The Walking Dead began to expand in season 6 with the introduction of the Hilltop [...]

The world of The Walking Dead began to expand in season 6 with the introduction of the Hilltop colony and the Saviors, with the world outside of Alexandria's reinforced walls growing even larger in season 7 with our group of survivors discovering two more communities: the Kingdom and Oceanside, a beachfront colony comprised of only women and children.

Tara (Alanna Masterson) stumbled across Oceanside while on a scavenging trip, eventually forming an understanding with the capable and good-hearted Cyndie (Sydney Park). Tara promised to never reveal the location of the secluded community, a promise Tara broke when she told Alexandria leader Rick (Andrew Lincoln) of Oceanside's existence and their much-needed stockpile of weapons.

Oceanside and Cyndie haven't made an appearance since last season's 7x15, when Rick and co. visited Oceanside to hash out a deal and recruit the women to join the then-growing resistance against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors. Oceanside's de facto leader, Natania (Deborah May) — Cyndie's grandmother — absolutely refused to take up arms against Negan, but with All Out War against the Saviors fully underway, that could change.

Speaking with at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta, Cyndie actress Sydney Park shared what drives the idealistic Cyndie, citing the importance of her grandmother and the young Rachel (Mimi Kirkland), one of Oceanside's orphaned survivors.

"She saw her family get killed right in front of her, and she really has nothing left except for her grandma and Rachel, and her community," Park said. "But she can't help but feel like she has to be kind of the right and the light in the world, because she's seen so many wrongdoings. She's definitely conflicted, but ultimately she really does try to do her best, even if it might backfire on her later. I think what really drives her is that she doesn't want to turn into the people that have hurt her."

Asked if audiences are going to see Cyndie and the return of Oceanside in season 8, Park smiled.

"Hey, it's a crazy season, and I think people are gonna really really love it," she teased. "So guys, just hang in there, it's gonna be a crazy ride, and look out for Oceanside."

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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