'The Walking Dead: Red Machete' Nominated For Emmy Award

The Walking Dead's spinoff mini-series Red Machete has been nominated for an Emmy Award.

The Red Machete series was released in several short chapters, revealing the journey of the red machete which Rick Grimes used to kill Gareth of Terminus in The Walking Dead Season Five. On Thursday, the min-series was nominated in Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series at the Emmy Awards.

Red Machete will be competing with aka Wyatt Cenac, An Emmy For Megan, Grey's Anatomy: B Team, and James Corden's Next James Corden.

Once again, the actors of The Walking Dead were left out of an Emmy nominations.

The first episode of the five-part Red Machete series, titled "Behind Us," went all the way back to the very beginning, when the red-handled machete was a boxed item on the shelf of a hardware store as the zombie apocalypse began. The machete was pulled off its shelf and used it to defend a survivor from a walker. Unfortunately for that survivor, he didn't actually know how to kill a walker and ran the blade through the walker's stomach rather than striking at its head.


From there, fallen Walking Dead characters including Joe from the Claimers in Season Four made appearances in the Red Machete series. It was not crucial to The Walking Dead's narrative but a welcome supplement to the story fans had been following.

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