The Walking Dead Boss Not Ruling Out Rick and Daryl Reunion

The Walking Dead chief content officer Scott Gimple hints Daryl (Norman Reedus) could reunite with the believed-dead Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) after years apart.

Asked at San Diego Comic-Con if Daryl will ever again get to see Rick, Reedus handed the question off to Gimple, the creative lead on TWD Universe and the Rick-led movie franchise.

"I mean, without... I'll say this. You said, 'Will he ever?' I can't rule that out. Have you seen a little film When Harry Met Sally? That's how they're going to rejoin again," Gimple said of the 1989 romantic comedy that follows two friends who have chance encounters after years apart.

When asked if that means audiences will get a Walking Dead version of the diner-set scene where an old woman quips "I'll have what she's having" after Sally's (Meg Ryan) impromptu demonstration of a faked orgasm, Reedus said with a laugh, "How do you know we haven't already shot that?"

"No, but the kind of stories that we can tell, the canvas is getting much, much bigger," Gimple said.

"Okay, maybe not that specifically — okay, maybe — but up until that, the sky is the limit for The Walking Dead and all of these characters are going to have rich stories, and we're going to tell them in all sorts of ways."

"I do like the way that he and I ended on the show," added Reedus of episode 904, which saw Daryl and Rick erupt towards each other when trapped in a pit before making amends and reaffirming their brotherhood.

"Like that story arc of [fighting], and then finally, 'Come on brother.' I loved that."

Reedus also said that reunion with Rick, after a more than six-year disappearance, "should without a doubt happen."

"I definitely think, if that's on the cards, that should without a doubt happen," Reedus told IGN at Comic-Con. "It's such a family group, and it would be hard not to have that family be part of the story dynamic, you know what I mean?"

Lincoln next returns as Rick in the theatrically released Walking Dead movies, coming from Universal Pictures. A teaser debuted at Comic-Con seemingly revealed Rick's helicopter rescue took him to Philadelphia, where he's in the hands of the shadowy CRM organization.


It was learned in November Reedus' newest three-year contract includes language that would allow him to appear outside the mothership television series, making a reunion in the movie trilogy a possibility.

The Walking Dead Season 10 premieres Sunday, October 6 on AMC.