Watch 'The Walking Dead's Rick Vs. Negan Fight Scene

The Walking Dead 8x12, 'The Key,' brought enemies Negan and Rick Grimes face-to-face in a brutal [...]

The Walking Dead 8x12, "The Key," brought enemies Negan and Rick Grimes face-to-face in a brutal confrontation that saw Rick set the villain's beloved baseball bat Lucille ablaze.

Rick chased Negan, forcing a car crash and isolating him from the rest of his Saviors. Cut off in the dark ruins of a deteriorating building, Rick taunted his unusually vulnerable opponent.

"This is where you die," he called out. "In the dark. All alone."

Rick opened fire on Negan. Chucked a hatchet his way. Forced him through a hole in the floor. But nothing cut as deep as Rick caressing Negan's lady, wielding Lucille as the ultimate f—k you.

"Sooner or later, you were gonna meet someone like me," Rick said.

"You can't save me. Or my people. Or even yours. You can't save anyone, because you don't care about anyone. You use people. To bring you food, or to sleep with you, to protect you. The only thing you care about is this bat. You can't even save that. I'll make you a deal. I'll let you kiss her goodbye."

"Don't you touch her!" barked a furious Negan.

Rick whips out an ace of spades lighter — the same one that once belonged to Glenn, who not so long ago met his bloody, gruesome end at the hands of this stupid bat — and fwoosh. Lucille went up in flames.

"Come get her."

Negan flew into Rick, sending the pair into a den conspicuously marked with a simple warning: "EATERS."

Rick swung a burning Lucille with full force into Negan's arm, sending the villain spinning to the floor.

"Get your hands off her," Negan growled, eliciting more swings from Rick.

Burning walkers flood the room.

"Psychopath," Negan said, "you're gonna kill us both."

"Long as it's you first," Rick said, flaming Lucille in hand.

Another tackle separated the brawlers, Negan clearing a path with his roasting Louisville slugger.

Negan escaped Rick's clutches, only to find himself the hostage of a vengeful captor.

"There's nothing I enjoy more than chasing Jeffrey Dean Morgan with an axe," Rick actor Andrew Lincoln told Talking Dead during a featurette explaining the behind-the-scenes work that went into Rick and Negan's heated confrontation.

Props master Gillian Albinski affixed orange glow sticks to the prop bat, held in place by Lucille's rubber barbed wire, which were then used by the VFX team to give the flaming Lucille her fiery glow.

An authentic wooden bat was used for other shots, made possible by SFX technician Tim Burton, who tucked away a silica fabric known as Refrasil in the curves of the backside of the bat to act as a wick. Apply fuel, apply flame, and step back — this girl is on fire.

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