'The Walking Dead': Sasha's Return Scene Revealed

Sasha made her return to The Walking Dead for the first time since dying in the show's seventh [...]

Sasha made her return to The Walking Dead for the first time since dying in the show's seventh season on Sunday night.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 9x05 follow. Major spoilers!

During Rick's last episode of The Walking Dead, he went on a journey of self-discovery in hallucinogenic scenes. First, he saw Shane Walsh, then he talked to Hershel, and finally he stood before Sasha. The scene was set to a backdrop ripped straight from a variant cover of The Walking Dead issue #100 in which Rick Grimes stood above a heartbreaking pile of bodies.

"They're all dead," Rick says to Sasha.

"Yeah, I know and it's okay," she tells him.

"How can it be okay?" Rick asks, puzzled. "How can this be okay?"

"Because you did your part like I did mine. Like the others did before us."


(Photo: AMC)

She goes into detail about how the survivors have all played crucial roles in each others' lives: "They gave us the strength that we needed to do what we had to do for the others and the others draw strength from us. We change each other. We help each other. We make each other better and it never ends."

"It feels like it's ending," Rick tells her.

"Little things do end but it's never the end of everything because we don't die," Sasha says. "It's not about you or me or any one of us. It's about all of us and I don't think it just evens out."

Then, as if in sync, Rick and Sasha share an optimistic moment: "I think it always crosses over toward the good, toward the brave, toward love."

As Rick's journey has always been about finding his family, Sasha assures him they are not in this place. "Your family, you're not gonna find them because they're not lost and you are not lost," she says. "What you need to do is wake up."

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