The Walking Dead Season 11 Cast Reveal Who They Miss The Most

The Walking Dead is officially coming to an end. This Sunday begins the final part of the show's unprecedented 11th season, kicking off the last batch of eight episodes. While the next eight weeks represent the last time the bulk of The Walking Dead cast will be apart of the ever-expansive zombie-infested universe, with the exception of names like Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan who will reprise their roles in upcoming spin-off The Walking Dead: Dead City, many of the original show's most notable cast members had their characters' journeys end a long time ago.

With a Season 11 cast that bares a limited amount of OGs, namely Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride, current TWD stars reflected on co-stars they miss having on set the most.

Speaking to, star Lauren Ridloff revealed she misses Louis Zehner and his character of Bernie.

"Probably Bernie. I miss poor, sweet Bernie," Ridloff noted. "That was our dear friend. He died in Season 9."

Margot Bingham pointed to Eleanor Matsuura. Matsuura's character of Yumiko is still alive in the series, but she rarely crosses paths with Bingham's Max.

"Well, I miss working with her just because she's far away from me now," Bingham said. "One of the most exciting moments was working with Eleanor. I think that she is an incredible actress. I've loved the Yumiko and Magna storyline and seeing that brigade come in. It was just really a pleasure. The first real conversation that I had on set was just the two of us in Pamela's office, and just seeing her swipe through the pictures and come into this new world for her as her character on the show was just really cool."

While he can't lay claim to being a Day 1, Josh McDermitt comes pretty close. McDermitt's Eugene joined The Walking Dead in Season 4 alongside Michael Cudlitz's Abraham and slowly became one of the show's most integral characters. Eugene has also been flying solo for the majority of his TWD tenure now too, as Abraham was killed in the Season 6 finale.

Even though Abraham is no longer among the survivors, Cudlitz has stayed connected to The Walking Dead in a behind the scenes capacity.

"I think my answer would've been Michael Cudlitz, except that he's been coming back and directing and he got to direct in our final season," McDermitt added. "I don't think that answer counts."

"I'd say Michael Cudlitz. I really just loved working with him. He was such a fun guy to work with," Ross Marquand added. "He was always cracking jokes, but he could also just pull it together and be super professional when he needed to be, and that was a wonderful lesson for me. I think I was very tight when I first got on the show and so nervous about being the right actor, and he just kind of taught me a lot about just letting it flow and just living in the moment, which is a really nice bit of advice that he gave me."

With that in mind, McDermitt pointed to Avi Nash, who portrayed Siddiq in Season 8, 9, and 10.

"There's a lot of people that have come and gone. I really enjoyed working with Avi Nash. He's a very gifted actor," McDermitt continued. "He takes his work very seriously, but he's just a giant idiot, and it's just fun to laugh with him. I don't know that there's anybody that made me laugh harder than him. He's so funny, and I do miss him and miss working with him, and honestly, wish I could have worked with him more. I think it would've been fun to have him around in these final episodes."

Nadia Hilker (Magna) put spotlight on many actors, including the show's former lead.

"I think I would've loved to work with Rick [Grimes] (played by Andrew Lincoln) because you hear all these stories and you believe them, but you want to be able to witness it," Hilker said. "I wish I would've worked more with Margot [Bingham]. I really miss Eleanor [Matsuura]."

Seth Gilliam, who has portrayed Father Gabriel since 2015, shared two names that he had a bond with before they shared the TWD screen.

"I miss working with Lawrence Gilliard (Bob Stookey) and Chad Coleman (Tyreese Williams) because I had established a relationship with them when we did The Wire together some years ago. And it was great to see them in a completely different format and world," Gilliam shared. "And I wish that we had had more to do together before they were both killed off of the show. So I'd like to go back and expand that kind of working relationship and see what those characters would be like if they were still all around together."

The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 3 premieres Sunday, October 2nd on AMC.