'The Walking Dead' Might Get A Spinoff Movie

The Walking Dead might test the spinoff waters of the theatrical nature some time in the future.

With Scott Gimple shifting from a showrunner role to a Chief Content Officer position, he is now overseeing the entire Dead universe and the possible expansions which might come with it. Speaking to Vulture, Gimple revealed the next expansion to the Dead universe might actually be a movie.

“That kind of variety, that’s we’re talking about," Gimple said. "All the differences of the ways we tell the story, yeah, what we can feature and all that. There’s a whole universe of possibilities.”

The Walking Dead and its first spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead tested theatrical waters for the first time with a Survival Sunday event. The Season Eight finale of The Walking Dead and the Season Four premiere of Fear the Walking Dead played back to back in theaters around the country, providing fans an opportunity to watch crowded by like-minded strangers. Many theaters sold out, providing what some fans have described to ComicBook.com as a Comic Con-like environment with an invigorated sense of energy not provided by watching at home.

In fact, Gimple is already comparing his efforts on the most recent seasons of the AMC show to a gigantic movie.

"There’s a great deal of ambition to the story that [new The Walking Dead showrunner] Angela [Kang] wants to tell, but I think that’s very exciting for people, just feeling the difference," Gimple said. "The war was a long, long story. It was like doing a 33-hour movie. It’s exciting to get into new stuff, to break new ground and discover new things. Yeah, I think people are charged up."

Movie or not, Gimple plans to expand the universe beyond The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead.


"Right now, I’m working on Fear. I’m working on Walking Dead," Gimple said. "I’m working on that new stuff, and there are all sorts of interesting possibilities that I dare not even address specifically. But the most important thing is that when we’re moving forward, whatever we do is different. That we see the world of The Walking Dead in a new way. We’re trying to achieve a variety, and to show every pocket that we can. There are all sorts of cool things ahead. The focus right now is on The Walking Dead season nine, which is going to be a new corner of the apocalypse in a lot of ways. It’s my goal to have it all under the same universe, the same umbrella, but to really be distinctive from one another."

The Walking Dead will return for its ninth season in the fall. Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on AMC. For complete coverage and insider info all year long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.