‘The Walking Dead’ Stars Now Available for Booking on Cameo

Khary Payton is the latest Walking Dead star available for booking on Cameo, an online service [...]

Khary Payton is the latest Walking Dead star available for booking on Cameo, an online service offering personalized video shoutouts from celebrities.

The King Ezekiel star and prolific voice actor, best known for voicing DC Comics superheroes Cyborg and Aqualad across various forms of media including the animated Teen Titans Go! and Young Justice, announced the venture Sunday in a tweet.

Payton is can be booked for $195.

Other past and present Walking Dead stars available for cameos include Ross Marquand (Aaron), Chad L Coleman (Tyreese), Jeremy Palko (Hilltop's Andy), Peter Luis Zimmerman (Hilltop's Eduardo), Josh Mikel (Savior Jared), Jayson Warner Smith (Savior general Gavin), Lew Temple (Axel), Jake Kearney (Saviors' Nelson) and Lorenzo Henrie (Fear the Walking Dead's Chris).

"I like to keep the kids entertained until they're old enough to watch zombies get killed," Payton told Business2Community in 2017 of his family-friendly roles in Disney animated series The Lion Guard and Big Hero 6.

"I was doing little films and little guest star parts on TV, commercials and stumbled into a little cartoon audition that a friend of mine got for me and I happened to book it. That was for Cyborg [on] Teen Titans. I've been doing that for 15 years and if I hadn't gotten that part, I'd still be wondering how to get into voice over.

"But it's been really great for me and during that time I did nine pilots that failed at one point or another. So after 22 years, I got an audition for The Walking Dead. I met that casting director, Sharon Bialy, 15 years before and I worked for her a couple of times but she always brought me in. So I was really lucky to meet people who remember that you always come prepared and ready to do your thing. I've been doing pretty well, taking care of me and mine and after 22 years, you get the best job ever."

Payton's King Ezekiel in Season Nine has since taken Carol (Melissa McBride) as a wife and Henry (Matt Lintz) as his son. The happy family will become deeply embroiled in the newly emerging threat of the masked Whisperers when The Walking Dead returns with new episodes Sunday, February 10.