The Walking Dead: World Beyond May Connect to Rick Grimes Movies

The Walking Dead: World Beyond wrapped production on its first season on December 13 but due to delays prompted by circumstances in the real world, the series will premiere on October 4. 10 episodes will air to round out the year of Dead universe content before the show heads back into production for a second and final season next year. With a clear destination, 20 episodes and a predetermined conclusion, it looks like the journey the new characters will be on is not unlikely to land them somewhere close to if not directly in the upcoming movies centered around Rick Grimes.

"The thing I'll say about this show that is so exciting is it's brand new characters, obviously," The Walking Dead: World Beyond showrunner Matt Negrete tells in the video above. "It's like we've never seen characters like this before. And it's a young perspective, it's a fresh perspective. But people can also just jump right on because we're starting a fresh story. But at the same time, we're building on things that the other shows have done before. We're introducing a new world that involves this mythology, that involves these people that are known by this symbol that has three rings on it. And you know, we saw Rick leave The Walking Dead season nine in a helicopter that had this symbol on it. And we're gonna be seeing a lot more of these helicopter. So it's tied in this part of this bigger world that we've seen on all the shows, but at the same time, it's fresh, it's different and it stands on its own. So I'm so excited."

When asked who knows where Rick Grimes went, Negrete's experience in the world of The Walking Dead helped his poker face stay locked on. Nico Tortorella, however, might have inched the ole right hand up a bit to indicate Tortorella not only knows where Rick Grimes is but they are eager to get to such a location himself. Some cast members want to see a crossover with Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan but Tortorella is ready to see Felix in a major crossover. "I'm gonna say Rick, 'cause those movies are right around the corner," Tortorella says. "I wanna see what's happening there."

Negrete, who has written dozens of episodes of The Walking Dead, sees the clear destination as a creative advantage. "It's like the thing that I love about the show and it's so exciting, is like there are so many stories. And so I love these characters so much. And part of me wishes I could just write them forever. But like at the same time, it's knowing that there's an ending we're working towards is exciting. And you know, we're neck-deep, the writers and I are working on season two right now. In my mind is like, all right, like I'm three episodes from the end in my mind, but at the same time, I don't wanna accept that. But I'm writing to that. So it's exciting. And it feels like, you know, just to talk about season one and season two for a second, it feels like two very different chapters of one amazing story. And that's the way I'm looking at it."

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The Walking Dead: World Beyond premieres on October 4 at 10pm ET.