New 'The Walking Dead' Theory Brings A Zombie-Virus Cure

Fans of The Walking Dead are tossing around a wild but just-logical-enough theory regarding a [...]

Fans of The Walking Dead are tossing around a wild but just-logical-enough theory regarding a potential cure to the zombie virus, centered around Judith Grimes.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season Nine follow. Major spoilers!

In a Reddit thread, one fan by the username of RedHoodRox posted a "random thought" in which they theorized Judith's being the key to a zombie virus cure. "Is it possible that people born AFTER the turn are not infected? Could little Judy survive a bite from a walker because the infection is not in her?'" RedHoodRox asked. They might be onto something, too, seeing as Judith was both conceived and born after the zombie virus had begun to spread.

RedHoodRox got a mixed bag of responses, some supportive and some eager to debunk the notion. "Oooh this is actually intriguing," littlecatladybird said. "I think a bite will turn anybody but if the outbreak originated from one big airborne virus that has since disappeared, logically the kids of S9 wouldn't turn." The AMC series, after all, has introduced a slew of zombie apocalypse-born children, including Rick and Michonne's son RJ (Rick Junior).

However, those using real world logic, are quick to debunk to theory. "I'm sure it would get passed down through birth, especially if it's a viral or bacterial infection. At least in the case of Judith," greatness1010 pointed out.

Others chimed in to claim that a bite will turn anyone, though this logic would not be applicable if Judith and the children born with the virus in their system differently for whatever Dead-universe reason becomes a factor. However, the more interesting thought seems to be whether or not the survivors born post-apocalypse would turn without being bitten or scratched. This would reduce the number of walkers in the world and could ultimately lead to a cure if any scientists are out there ready to explore a possible cure with the new blood.

The Walking Dead comics have never explored such a storyline but the AMC series tends to be straying further and further from its source material as time goes on. What do you think? Is there a chance Judith and the children on The Walking Dead could play a part in discovering a cure or prevention of the zombie virus? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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