Who Is Watching Rick On 'The Walking Dead'?

Before The Walking Dead came to a close on Sunday night, Rick Grimes' journey was revealed to be [...]

Before The Walking Dead came to a close on Sunday night, Rick Grimes' journey was revealed to be one which is being spied on in some form or fashion.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 8x05 follow!

As Rick journeyed to an undefined location during a solo adventure, a man was seen spying on him with some dark garb and a long scope. After seeing Rick Grimes headed his way, the man whistled to the rest of his group to alert them of his (or anyone's) arrival.

Some fans are left wondering who this man is and what group he belongs to, especially as the world of The Walking Dead continues to grow. The answer, however, is that the man is a member of the Scavenger group lead by Jadis and calls the trash heap home.

The Pollyanna McIntosh character is due for a return, especially considering the actress was bumped up to series regular and has not appeared on the AMC series in its eighth season yet. Though many suspect Rick's welcome to the trash heap won't be warm based on images from the Season 8 trailer, McIntosh's perspective of Jadis and Rick's relationship might offer some reassurance.

"I think she has a lot more respect for Rick than she does for Negan," McIntosh said. "You can't make choices based on that, you know, in this world. Negan is not a cool guy and I don't like the way he's running things either. So I think there's room for things to switch again."

When Rick Grimes returns to The Walking Dead, the leader of Alexandria will be chatting with a group which betrayed his at a crucial moment and, in fact, shot him. After all, this would not be the first time the Scavengers from the trash heap were spying on Rick using binoculars. When they first appeared in Season 7's midseason finale, a character was spying on the Alexandria Safe-Zone from the nearby woods and would go on to capture Father Gabriel when the show returned.

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