Was There A Helicopter On 'The Walking Dead'?

Months ago, fans of The Walking Dead lost their minds over what appeared to be a mistake in the [...]

Months ago, fans of The Walking Dead lost their minds over what appeared to be a mistake in the background of a scene. Now, though, the once thought to be an accident on a green screen could be more significant.

In the tenth episode of The Walking Dead's seventh season, New Best Friends, Rick spoke with Jadis atop her trash heap. In the background, which was a clear green screen edit, a black object zips across the screen. Some theorized it was a bird, others a plane, and some suspect it of being a helicopter similar to the Governor's years ago.

Now, Jadis actress Pollyanna McIntosh has weighed in on the subject.

"I certainly will tell you as an audience member when I watched it, I didn't notice it, and it's only when the internet went buzzy about it that I thought, 'Hm, what's going on there?' So the fans are informing me as much as I'm able to inform the fans," McIntosh said to Huffington Post.

As for whether or not it was actually something fans should make note of, McIntosh doesn't want to weigh in. "I can't say anything," McIntosh. "You either talk about a studio screw-up or you talk about a possible thing that might be part of a story, so either way I'm not doing the show justice."

So, whether or not there is a helicopter buzzing around the trash heap is still unknown. The last time a helicopter was seen on the AMC series was when the chopper went down near Woodbury with soldiers inside. The Governor's men would quickly close in and finish the job.

Furthermore, the earliest episodes of The Walking Dead featured a helicopter flying over the abandoned Atlanta sky. It's unlikely the same helicopter would pop up again but, then again, it would seem unlikely Rick would run into Morales so many miles away from their starting point.

If there is, in fact, a helicopter flying near Alexandria, it's possible the characters on Fear the Walking Dead fixed one up to fly to the east coast and arrive for the crossover Robert Kirkman promised at New York Comic Con.

The Walking Dead Episode 8x05 is titled, "The Big Scary U." The official synopsis for The Big Scary U reads, "With war raging all around him, we get a close look at Negan and the lives of the Saviors during the conflict through a familiar set of eyes."

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