Kurt Sutter Discloses One Thing 'Mayans MC' Will Do That 'Sons of Anarchy' Never Tried

Mayans MC will have at least one thing Sons of Anarchy never had, co-creator Kurt Sutter said in a new interview with Deadline ahead of the show's panel at San Diego Comic-Con Sunday.

During Sons of Anarchy, Sutter and his team of writers never included a flashback, since it would take viewers out of the established world. However, Sutter will use this storytelling technique in the new series to flesh out the new main character, Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes, played by J.D. Pardo.

"One of the cool things about [Mayans] is we do something we never did on Sons," Sutter told Deadline. "We never had a flashback on Sons, because I felt like it pulled you out of the world. But because of who EZ is, and the way his brain works, it’s organic to this show."

Throughout SOA, there were references to the world before Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), but Sutter never used flashbacks. Instead, he is hoping to make a prequel series, which could explain how Jax's father John Teller established the Sons of Anarchy with Piney Winston (William Lucking) after serving in Vietnam.

"I’ve talked to [FX chief John Landgraf] about [a prequel series] and it’ll be a couple seasons in before we try to do it, but that will be the third chapter, but it will only be like 10 episodes. I don’t see it as a series that goes longer," Sutter told Deadline. "It’ll start in Vietnam, and it’ll be about the formation of the club and then stop after the last member of the original nine joins. That was Clay [Ron Perlman]. That way we don’t begin to infringe on the story we based that on in Sons."

A potential fourth series after Mayans MC wraps could be a SOA sequel, following the survivors of the original show.

"Jax didn’t destroy all those copies of John Teller’s manuscript, and at some point maybe down the line we have [Drea de Matteo's] character [Wendy Case] still out there with the boys, we have Jimmy Smit’s character [Nero] still out there," Sutter told Deadline. "At some point perhaps there’ll be a brother story with [Jax's sons] Able and Thomas, coming back to Charming. Where it all began. If I’m still alive, that might be the last chapter."

Mayans MC will focus on EZ, who dreamed of a leading a respectable life in the U.S., but cartel violence derailed his plans. Instead, he becomes a Mayans MC prospect, and has to prove himself to Mayans MC Oakland Charter President Marcus Alvarez, played by SOA's Emilio Rivera. Other members of the cast include Edward James Olmos as EZ's father; Jacqueline Obradors as EZ's mother; Clayton Cardenas as EZ's brother; and Richard Cabral as El Choco.


The series, which is set three years after SOA's events, debuts on FX Sept. 4.

Photo credit: Facebook/FX