Abbott Elementary Star Quinta Brunson Interrupts Jimmy Kimmel Live After Emmy Controversy

On Monday night, Quinta Brunson won her first Emmy for writing her hit ABC comedy series, Abbott Elementary. Brunson was the first Black woman to win a solo Emmy for comedy writing and the response to Abbott Elementary through its first season makes it feel like the win will be the first of many. Her acceptance of the award, however, has been surrounded by a little bit of controversy thanks to Jimmy Kimmel. The host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! presented the award with Will Arnett and laid on the ground during the entire exchange as a bit. When Brunson accepted the award and gave her speech, Kimmel remained on the floor at her feet.

Quite a few people found Kimmel's bit to be disrespectful to Brunson, as it took away from her moment in the spotlight. Sheryl Lee Ralph, Brunson's Emmy-winning Abbott co-star, even told Kimmel he shouldn't have done what he did. On Wednesday night, two days after the Emmys, Brunson got her shot at revenge.

Brunson was already scheduled to appear on Wednesday's edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live! before Monday's Emmy Awards. Instead of coming out onto the stage later in the show, Brunson walked out during Kimmel's monologue and took over, using it as an opportunity to give a better acceptance speech. 

The bit on Kimmel's show was obviously planned, but the host of the show also took an opportunity a few minutes later to apologize to Brunson for taking attention away from her victory. Brunson insisted that it didn't hurt her feelings, a sentiment she shared with press after the Emmys on Monday night.

"The bit didn't bother me that much. Jimmy gave me my first big late-night spot and was one of the first people to see Abbott. He thought it was one of the greatest comedies of all time and he was so excited it was going to be on ABC," Brunson said.

"So in that moment I think I was just really happy that it was Jimmy up there. I kind of consider him one of the comedy godfathers. Tomorrow maybe I'll be mad at him," she continued. "I'm going to be on his show on Wednesday, so I might punch him in the face. I don't know what happens."

Abbott Elementary returns to ABC on Wednesday, September 21st.