Batwoman Season Finale Reveals Hush's New Face, and It's a Big Deal

Batwoman has officially been a part of The CW's Arrowverse for a full season, and it has already [...]

Batwoman has officially been a part of The CW's Arrowverse for a full season, and it has already expanded the franchise's canon in some pretty major ways. The series, which follows the journey of openly-lesbian crimefighter Kate Kane (Ruby Rose), has brought fans an unexpected take on Gotham City. One of the most intriguing threads throughout the season has been the introduction of Tommy Elliot (Gabriel Mann), the former childhood ally of Bruce Wayne who goes on to be the bandaged villain Hush. After debuting his comic-accurate look in last week's episode, tonight's early season finale has taken his storyline into a truly epic new direction. Obviously, spoilers for the Season 1 finale of Batwoman, "O, Mouse!", lurk below! Only look if you want to know!

While most of the episode followed Kate's pursuit of a dangerous Arkham escapee, it also picked up on Elizabeth Kane/Alice's (Rachel Skarsten) quest to find Kryptonite, which she recently learned can successfully puncture the Batsuit. Her search was met with negative responses from both Mouse (Sam Littlefield) and Tommy, who had begun to serve as Alice's partners-in-crime. Alice eventually went to one of Gotham's universities, where she learned that a Kryptonite fragment had been returned to Lucius Fox (prior to his death) at Wayne Tower. This seemed to give Alice a new idea -- one that partially involved a tragic ending for Mouse, who continued to resist her plan.

In the episode's final moments, Alice agreed to give Tommy the "new face" that she had been promising, with the promise that he would use it to help her plan. After Alice sewed on the face, Tommy looked in a shard of glass -- and he quickly recognized what he saw staring back at him. As Alice soon confirmed, she'd given him the face of the long-absent Bruce Wayne (Warren Christie), so he could walk into Wayne Tower and successfully steal the Kryptonite.

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(Photo: The CW)
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(Photo: The CW)

Yep, that's right. We finally know what the Arrowverse's Bruce Wayne looks like.

Not only does this moment mirror Tommy's arc in the comics (where he wears Bruce's face for a long stretch of time), but it answers one of the questions that has been on Batwoman viewers' minds throughout Season 1. In a way, it also subverts fans' expectations of how Bruce was eventually going to get introduced into the show, as it makes his appearance more about Alice and Tommy's crusade and less about Batman resurfacing in Gotham to steal Batwoman's thunder.

"To introduce Bruce Wayne is so cool. I was so excited," Skarsten told of tonight's twist. "I just feel like they cast him so perfectly. He just looks exactly like what a Bruce Wayne should look like. He played it so well. That one's a tough one, because you're essentially playing two characters. You're playing one character trying to be another character."

"I'm actually really happy for all the fans of our show, because no one anticipates that your show's just going to get cut off mid-season with two episodes left. And luckily, we are the beneficiaries of the genius mind of Caroline [Dries], our showrunner," Skarsten continued. "She constantly is dropping these crazy bombs in every episode, and this one just really lends itself quite nicely to being a season finale. And, lucky for me, I got to be a part of it."

And while we won't get to see how this Hush/Bruce arc continues until new episodes return in January of 2021, that will surely give fans plenty of time to imagine the minutia of Christie's take on Batman.

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