Beauty and the Beast Disney+ Series Casting New Character for Gaston and LeFou Spinoff

One of the biggest hits of Disney's remake era has unquestionably been Beauty and the Beast, which [...]

One of the biggest hits of Disney's remake era has unquestionably been Beauty and the Beast, which delivered massive box office and successfully brought one of Disney's most beloved animated films into live-action. Some thought they might do a sequel because of that success, but while we aren't sure what the future holds in that respect, the next project in the universe will actually be a prequel featuring Luke Evans' Gaston and Josh Gad's LeFou. We're still waiting on more concrete information in regards to the plot, but a new report from Illuminerdi says that casting is underway for a brand new character named Tilly.

There aren't a ton of details regarding the casting, but what we do know is that Tilly is a young Black woman around 19 years old, and is described as having great poise, an adventurous streak, and some mischief in her eyes as she tries to "write her own story." The role will include singing and Tilly will be a series regular, so expect to see a lot of her throughout the show.

The show is expected to start filming sometime in September in the U.K., so we should see this role cast sooner than later, and hopefully, with the casting, we'll get new details in regards to how she fits into the story and what the main story of this particular spinoff will be.

The working title was previously revealed to be Little Town, and currently, Evans and Gad are the only actors from the original film returning for the project. That could change in time of course, and it would be odd for at least one or two other characters not to pop up.

The project will also feature several new songs from Alan Menken, who also created new songs for the live-action Beauty and the Beast. In fact, the title of the series is a nod to Howard Ashman, the lyricist who worked on Beauty and the Beast alongside Menken that passed away in 1991.

Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are at the helm as showrunners and producers alongside Gad.

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