Black Jesus Season 3 Trailer and Premiere Date Revealed by Adult Swim

After being stranded in limbo since 2015, Aaron McGruder's religious satire series Black Jesus is [...]

After being stranded in limbo since 2015, Aaron McGruder's religious satire series Black Jesus is returning. Black Jesus season 3 will be premiering on Adult Swim this September, and the network has put out a first trailer, letting fans know that Black Jesus is back, and what they can expect.

Take a look at the new Black Jesus season 3 trailer above, and get more details on the new season, below!

As you can see in the trailer, Slink Johnson will be stepping right back into his role as "Black Jesus," a version of the messiah who lives in the urban jungle of modern day Compton, CA. Black Jesus and his rag-tag group of "disciples" get into a misadventures as they scheme on how to spread the good word of the gospel to the 'hood. Season 1 saw Jesus and the gang start a community garden in Compton, which grew mystical weed-laced tomatoes. The fight for the garden ended up bring in figures like Coolio for a major benefit concert - though Jesus ultimately ended up in a mental hospital, due to his claims of being... well, Jesus.

Season 2 saw Black Jesus released from the mental hospital, only to find his disciples have strayed from the righteous path, and into things like stripping. Jesus and the gang's next scheme had them open a food truck and serve blessedly fresh fish from a polluted river, only to have things slide into side schemes involving stolen cable, a pop-up restaurant funded seducing a woman with a limitless EBT card, and more. Season 2 ended on a note that could've definitely ended the series, as Jesus lived his own version of A Wonderful Life, in which he was no longer the divine son of God. By the end of the episode (and the show), Black Jesus had rekindled his faith and was ready to bring blessings to Compton again.

While Black Jesus' return for season 3 will be welcomed by fans, it also comes with a bittersweet underpinning. One of the show's main stars was Charlie Murphy, who tragically passed away in 2017 after battling leukemia. Murphy played "Vic," the curmudgeonly landlord of the housing complex where Black Jesus and his disciples lived, and was in many ways the main antagonist of the show. How they fill that void will be interesting to see. The other main cast members (Corey Holcomb, Kali Hawk, King Bach" and Andra Fuller) are all expected to return or appear.

This marks another big revival for series creator Aaron McGruder: back in June it was confirmed that McGruder's flagship series, The Boondocks, is also being brought back by Adult Swim (more on that HERE).

Black Jesus season 3 premieres on Adult Swim on September 20th.