John Stamos Publishes Eulogy From Bob Saget's Funeral

John Stamos published his eulogy from Bob Saget's funeral this week. The Los Angeles Times posted the entire speech and it will probably make you cry. The actor delivers a pitch-perfect tribute to his friend that is filled with laughs, deep self-reflection, and some stories about the Full House star that you've never heard before. It's famously noted that Saget and Stamos didn't get along great when the sitcom first started rolling. But, once the duo got used to each other, there was TV magic. (Can't forget about Dave Coulier in this as well, he pops up as a steadying force multiple times.) It becomes apparent that so many comedians felt a kinship with the America's Funniest Home Videos host. You can feel the loss acutely through Stamos's speech. Read the beginning of it for yourself down below.

"My Bob. I'm not ready to accept that he's gone. I'm not going to say goodbye yet. I imagine him out there, still on the road, doing what he loves with all his heart and humor. He's standing on stage, killing! Another two-hour set in front of a couple hundred of the luckiest people on the planet," he began. "They're laughing so hard they weep. And just when they catch their breath, he grabs his guitar and slays them with one of his musical closers. There's an encore, and another, and another. Everyone here wants an encore with Bob."

Stamos continued, "He calls his one true love, Kelly [Rizzo], and tells her about his show. He says he feels 26 again, alive, then asks her to fix up a picture he wants to post, and she says it doesn't need fixing and tells him how handsome he is. He says he loves her with every bit of his heart. And when he gets to the hotel to put his head on the pillow, he misses his daughters, his family and his friends."

"God, he loves us all so much. Bob goes to sleep dreaming of when we'll meet again — and he's smiling. I know in my heart he's smiling, still hearing the laughter from a few hours before," the actor added. "He should still be out there challenging himself creatively, stripping down all the Hollywood bullsh*t, traveling to small towns around the country, giving the people raw, wild, unpredictable, and uncensored Saget. 'Tonight's specials are cake and c*** … and we're out of cake.'"

"When I saw his last Instagram post, my first thought was he looked too 'alive' to die a few hours later. But I guess that's right. We should all want to 'die alive,'" Stamos argued. "We don't want to be filled with regret and remorse, forgotten and discarded. We want to be overwhelmed with the privilege and bounty of doing what we do best. Bob felt young, energized, grateful and appreciated. The applause and laughter didn't have time to die down before Bob did. He never ran out of cake … or the other stuff. He died bright and fierce."

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