Booster Gold Creator Dan Jurgens Responds to TV Show Announcement

After a couple of false starts, it looks like Booster Gold is finally going to have a high-profile project all his own. Earlier today, DC Studios co-chief James Gunn announced that the character was getting a TV series, which he described as a "character study" that would break down the way that Booster seeks affection and adulation, and suffers from "superhero imposter syndrome." It's a very different take than we briefly saw in DC's Legends of Tomorrow, which was planning to embrace Booster's role as a Time Master in its eighth season. 

But whether it's a fame-hungry and insecure young hero or an aging Time Master, there's one thing Booster has always had to count on: Dan Jurgens, the writer and artist who created the character and has had a hand in virtually all of his most memorable adventures.

"I have always felt that Booster belongs in media because, in many ways, that's exactly what the character is all about," Jurgens told "Not only that, but in many ways, the character has more relevance now because of the way multiple media platforms have exploded and grown. So, I'm very excited to see how this plays out. Booster's sense of voice, demeanor and presence have always been very clear in my mind, so it'll be fun to see how it comes together and matches up."

This is not Booster's first time on TV. The character had an appearance in the final season of Smallville, where he went head to head with Clark Kent and had to save Jaime Reyes from his out-of-control Blue Beetle scarab. He also appeared in the series finale of Legends of Tomorrow, albeit out of costume and in the custody of some joyless time cops. But it's the first time that his everyday life as a member of society in the 21st Century has been emphasized. 

"Time travel is a strong part of who Booster is and what he does, of course. After all, his entire origin is rooted in time travel," Jurgens said. "But I think the elements that make him uniquely individual are to be found in the original concept and appearances."

Asked about the possibility of seeing Booster team up with (or at least appear alongside) other DC characters, Jurgens said that while the obvious idea would be to pair him with Blue Beetle or Rip Hunter, creators should remember that over the last decade, Booster has cultivated a very special connection with Batman. The Dark Knight detective is one of the only people who know the truth about Booster -- that he is not a greedy buffoon, but a Time Master who has to keep up his cover.

That said, with Tom King advising on Supergirl: The Woman of Tomorrow, Jurgens said he would be happy to answer the phone if anybody calls him for input into the greatest hero you've never heard of.

"With a character like Booster, who's more complex that many people realize, clarity is essential," Jurgens said. "Many writers have made the mistake of treating him like an idiot, which he most certainly isn't. It's just that his journey from problem to solution sometimes gets a bit tangled up, which is what happens to most of us in our own lives."

There is no official production or release date yet for Booster Gold. You can read more details on Gunn's approach to the series here.