Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Melissa Fumero Says Series Will Have "Really Satisfying End"

Actress Melissa Fumero will make her Marvel debut later this week when Marvel's M.O.D.O.K. [...]

Actress Melissa Fumero will make her Marvel debut later this week when Marvel's M.O.D.O.K. premieres on Hulu, playing the 17-year-old daughter of the titular villain. Fans of Fumero's other notable comedy series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, will be happy to know that work on that show is still ongoing as she revealed to us that production on the final season is halfway complete. We spoke with Fumer during a press day for M.O.D.O.K. where she talked about the bittersweet feelings of knowing they're near the end and her feelings on what the fandom of the show will think of the conclusion.

"It's going, we just wrapped on episode five," Fumero said. "So we're like midway through, a lot of kind of misty moments happening on set. I will say, as we all start to think about and talk about (it), it feels really weird to be doing something where you know the last day is gonna be so sad and you're probably gonna cry a lot, you're like a month away from crying all the time. It's like a really strange feeling. So we have a lot of moments where it's like, it's too soon, it's too soon. We're not there yet, we're not there yet. And we're just trying to like have fun, like we're shooting any season of Brooklyn.

She continued, "It's bittersweet, but I'm really proud of the show. I'm really proud of this season. I think it's going to be a really satisfying end I hope for the viewers and just trying to think of it as like the victory lap, celebrating the show, celebrating the people I work with. Not trying not to take anything for granted and stay really present."

Last week it was confirmed that the eighth and final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine wouldn't premiere until after the Tokyo Olympics, which were delayed to this summer but whose future is also uncertain.

"It will launch in August, coming out of the Summer Olympics, which is a coveted slot," Susan Rovner, chairman of Entertainment Content at NBCUniversal Television and Streaming told Deadline. "We can think of nothing more deserving than giving it to the final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This is a beloved show and we wanted to give it a slot where it had access to the biggest possible audience."

It had previously been revealed that plans for the eighth season had been completely scrapped with the writer's room starting over after the Black Lives Matter movement and anti-police brutality protests took the country by storm last summer. Those events forced the creatives on the show to re-consider what they wanted a comedy about police to look like, especially heading into its final episodes.