Cartoon Network Streaming Free Holiday Specials

Cartoon Network is playing some Holiday specials that you can watch for free today. On the channel's official YouTube channel, you can catch a couple seasonal favorites tonight starting at 6pm and running until 9pm. These days, it can be hard to watch some of the holiday's best programming without multiple logins or costly cable subscriptions. With these playing for free on YouTube, there's no worry for all of that. In fact, Cartoon Network is feeling so much in the spirit of things that the livestream is going right now over on their channel. Some of the series that will be airing the Christmas and other winter favorites include The Powerpuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Amazing World of Gumball, and a few surprises.

On Twitter, the network posted, "Consider this your early Christmas present! We're streaming all your fav holiday specials including throwback eps on Youtube this FRIDAY. Watch holiday specials on Cartoon Network Fridays 6-9pm"

The State of Cartoon Network

Michael Ouweleen talked to Variety about what's next for the network this week. He's been there for a while and seen adult swim grow alongside their offerings for young viewers. The biggest challenge going forward is appealing to different demographics with their signature offerings.

"When I joined the network [in 1996], to our minds it wasn't a kid network, it was an animation network. We said it was for a psychographic, not a demographic," Ouweleen said. "The best animation works on a couple levels and works for a couple of different audiences at once. And I think that's where Cartoon Network proper is coming back around to. The remit I think for us now is to go back to being the best animation across Cartoon and Adult Swim, and serve the audience that is still there, starting on linear, which is adult."

"When we started Adult Swim, that was the first moment where we were like, 'Oh, wait, if there's a thing just for adults, what is Cartoon Network now?' It took us I'd say a couple of years to figure out what Cartoon Network was," the executive continued. "Now it's more natural for it to be aimed at doing great animated shows for everybody at once. And linear still has a healthy adult audience."  

"I was glad that we were able to give [Tuca & Bertie] two more seasons and be able to let that thing evolve in front of people. We're not looking to cancel shows," he added. "It's just we have to allocate the money we have in ways that we think are going to have the biggest impact and please the most number of people. You want to keep those creative relationships with people and see what else you can do."

Will you be tuning in for these holiday favorites? Let us know down below in the comments!