Chris Meloni Endorses #SaveHappy Movement

It's been just over two years since SYFY cancelled their comic book adaptation Happy! but the [...]

It's been just over two years since SYFY cancelled their comic book adaptation Happy! but the fandom hasn't stopped hoping for a revival or new season in the time since and series star Christopher Meloni has now thrown his weight behind it. What all began with a harmless social media post about Meloni from the official Peacock account turned into the actor supporting the cause of more Happy! The fan-made @SaveHappyNow account replied to the post noting "I don't think we're talking enough about how Chris Meloni's other great show Happy! was cancelled by @SYFY on a cliffhanger & how *someone* should pick it up & save it since someone like @netflix won't." Meloni agree that this topic isn't talked about enough.

Based on the comic book series by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson, Happy! followed Nick Sax (Meloni), a hitman who joins forces with his daughter's imaginary friend, a blue unicorn simply named Happy (Patton Oswalt). Together, they attempt to locate Nick's daughter (played by Bryce Lorenzo) after she has been kidnapped. The first season of Happy! debuted in December of last year to critical and public acclaim. About a month later, the series was renewed for a second season which premiered in the spring of 2019 with ratings falling to below 1 million per episode. The series was cancelled the same time that another comic book adaptation, Deadly Class, was also axed by SYFY.

Morrison and Meloni both served as executive producers on the show alongside Brian Taylor of Crank duo Neveldine/Taylor.

"We weren't trying to do something that was a complete perfect adaptation of the comic." Morrison previously told "I don't think these things necessarily work well the translation from one media to another, if you try and slavishly copy the original. The book was only four issues. I always wanted to do more with the characters, but there was no chance of a sequel because of how we dealt with one of our leads in the book."

Morrison previously teased that there was at least three seasons planned for the show but with over two years since the series ended the talent for the show have almost certainly been released from their contracts, making a new season a little harder to imagine. Should another season happen, it sure seems like Meloni would want to come back (though he's a little busy playing Detective Elliot "El" Stabler once again in the Law & Order universe).