City Island Sings!: Check Out PBS Kids' New Song "Let's Vote"

The song is an homage to Dvaid Bowie's "Let's Dance"

PBS Kids has provided ComicBook with an exclusive first look at "Let's Vote," a rock anthem inspired by David Bowie's "Let's Dance," which is set to appear on the series premiere of City Island Sings!, a new, educational program that PBS hopes will be this generation's answer to Schoolhouse Rock (a series so beloved and useful that it continues to be used in classrooms 50 years after it first aired). The series' songs are written and performed by Tunde Adebimpe, lead singer of the Grammy-nominated Brooklyn-based rock band TV on the Radio, along with special guest vocal performers, including Abbot Elementary's Kimia Behpoornia and Orange is The New Black's Kimiko Glenn.

In Let's Vote, "Watt's dad Frank takes the spotlight in this glitzy rock anthem all about voting! He defines voting as a way to make a fair choice and presents a number of decisions to Watt and Windy: should they go to a play or a baseball game? How about pizza or salad for dinner? They all vote, and the option with the most votes is declared the winner."

You can see the video below.

In Frank's tribute to Glam Rock, he performs an anthem all about the concept of voting. He defines voting as a way to make a fair choice and presents a number of decisions to Watt and Windy. Together, they all vote to decide the outcomes.

City Island Sings! launches PBS Kids' slate of civics-themed shows and online content, designed around the idea that everyone of any background and ability level, including kids, can be active, contributing members of society.

The musical series, which features Abbot Elementary's Kimia Behpoornia, is a spinoff of City Island. Its second season will debut on July 5. A new, music-centric Sesame Street series called Together We Can will launch in July as well, and be part of the civics programming.

Brooklyn-based animation house Augenblick Studios is the force behind many adult confections such as Comedy Central's Ugly Americans and Adult Swim's Superjail! and The JelliesCity Island marks the birth of the company's new shingle, Future Brain Media, and its first foray into the children's television sandbox.