Cobra Kai Season 3 Is Now Streaming on Netflix

Grab your belts and ditch your shoes, the time has finally come to return to the dojo! TV fans [...]

Grab your belts and ditch your shoes, the time has finally come to return to the dojo! TV fans have been anxiously awaiting the third season of Cobra Kai, following the series' move from YouTube to Netflix. The first two seasons, which had already been released on the previous service, debuted on Netflix in August to some massive attention, causing a substantial spike in viewership. Now, a few months later, Netflix is finally unveiling a new batch of episodes.

Season 3 of Cobra Kai is now available to stream on Netflix. The new season consists of 10 total episodes, each of them coming in at around half an hour. For those who have been excited to watch the latest season, the binge should only take you a few hours.

The third season of Cobra Kai was actually filmed back in 2019, when the show was still a YouTube original. Once the series moved to Netflix, the new streaming home decided to release the first two seasons together, let the audience grow, and build up to a Season 3 debut in early 2021. Judging by the hype surrounding the arrival of Season 3, it appears the strategy worked.

Originally, Netflix announced that Cobra Kai Season 3 would be released on January 8th, just a little over a week into the new year. However, on Christmas Eve, the streamer surprised fans by revealing that Cobra Kai would be returning a week earlier than expected.

Season 3 of Cobra Kai will once again see William Zabka's Johnny Lawrence and Ralph Macchio's Daniel LaRusso return to an old rivalry that began over three decades ago. Season 2 ended with quite a few cliffhangers that need to be resolved, like the Miguel's fate after his horrific fall at school, Kreese's takeover of the Cobra Kai dojo, and the friend request that Johnny received from his lost love Ali Mills.

"Well, nothing is as it seems, I can tell you that," Zabka told in regards to Season 3. "Listen, for the character of Johnny, Ali, I've been saying this for the last two seasons, she's a big missing piece of his life. She's the love that got away and in some form would love to reconnect. But the show is full of surprises."

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