Arrow's David Ramsey Is Still Down for More Diggle -- Especially if Green Lantern is Involved

After nearly a decade playing the role of John Diggle on Arrow and the other Arrowverse shows for [...]

After nearly a decade playing the role of John Diggle on Arrow and the other Arrowverse shows for The CW, actor David Ramsey told that he would love to keep working on the character for as long as the writing is strong and the stories are interesting to him. That's especially true, Ramsey seemed to suggest, if that Green Lantern ring we saw in the series finale turns out to be something they can actually utilize in-story. The actor, who is appearing alongside fellow Arrow veterans Paul Blackthorne, Juliana Harkavy, Katherine McNamara, and Michael Rowe at Creation Entertainment's Virtual Fan Experience over the weekend, will no doubt face plenty of Green Lantern questions during tomorrow's Q&A.

The event, which takes place tomorrow afternoon at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT, costs $5, and takes place shortly after Harkavy's. In both cases, their characters had stories that didn't quite end at the end of Arrow.

"The way John Diggle ended there's another beginning for him," Ramsey told "So I think for a character like this, and for the type of people that are writing around it, I think it can remain fresh for a long time."

He admitted that on his Cameo profile, where fans can pay to have celebrities send video greetings, the Green Lantern oath is pretty well-represented in his requests. He also said that, whether or not that ring is playing a part right away, he has already had some loose conversations about coming back to the Arrowverse.

"There's talk about me coming back," Ramsey admitted. "I mean, it may or may not be so quiet, but you know something else, the idea that you might not be working or things will be a lot different when work does come has made me kind of appreciate the idea of working in general....I'm kind of looking forward to getting to work and if that kind of involves the Arrowverse, I'm happy for it."

Ramsey's one-on-one slots are sold out, but you can get in on his Q&A panel tomorrow by checking out the information at the Creation Entertainment website. Expect plenty of questions about HBO Max's Green Lantern series which, as far as anybody knows, is not part of the Arrowverse -- but it is produced by Greg Berlanti, who oversaw Arrow -- and who helped negotiate with DC and Warner Bros. to make sure that Green Lantern ring in the finale made it in.