DC's Jim Lee Shares Epic First Look at New Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Warner Bros. has been working on a fresh overhaul of its Warner Bros. Hollywood Tour, which comes [...]

Warner Bros. has been working on a fresh overhaul of its Warner Bros. Hollywood Tour, which comes with its own wing dedicated to DC, and Jim Lee just gave fans their first look at the new setup. The Instagram post shares a look at the recreation of the lot and the iconic Warner Bros. tower and then segues into the DC wing. That has an interactive control panel that simulates the Watchtower and lets you move through each character in the DC universe. Once you click on them you get more details on them and see their different looks through the years, and we see that reflected in several different eras of Batman.

Then we see the move to the DC film section, which starts off with an Aquaman segment and a look at several of the film's costumes and set pieces. Then we move on to Batman's costume from Christopher Nolan's trilogy, though one of the coolest sections is a vehicle section that has a giant screen simulating the different batmobiles pulling into the cave. We also get the Bat-Wing and motorcycle from the films in all their glory.

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There is a stop at Hogwarts as well as the gift shop, which comes decked out with a variety of comics and other things to buy, and you can check it out in the video above.

Lee posted the video with the caption "It's official, @the Warner Bros Tour Hollywood with its Specially designed DC wing is OPEN! Are you ready to step behind the lens to see how Hollywood magic is made? Follow @wbtourhollywood here to learn more and book your next visit today! Here are some pics and video I shot during an early pre-opening tour of the facility. And an amazing gift shop chock full of DC swag 🙌 Enjoy! And yes that's a real bonafide Academy Award 👍👍👍"

Warner Bros' parent company WarnerMedia recently merged with Discovery after being moved from AT&T, and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for DC as a result, especially as more of its content is utilized for HBO Max and film projects.

As for the tour, it looks pretty cool, and the tour and DC wing is now officially open for you to book your next visit.