DC's Titans Season 3 Casts Barbara Gordon

Titans season 3 is going to be loaded with DC fan-favorite characters, and now the show has found [...]

Titans season 3 is going to be loaded with DC fan-favorite characters, and now the show has found who will be bringing the iconic Barbara Gordon to life. According to Variety, Savannah Welch has been cast in the role for season 3, where she will be the Gotham City Police Commissioner. In the show, it is revealed that her Batgirl days ended after she was shot and paralyzed by the Joker, and she's been in a wheelchair ever since. It's also revealed that her relationship with Bruce Wayne is "combative", but when Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) returns to Gotham their old romance is rekindled and they partner up to fight crime once more.

Welch has appeared in a number of critically acclaimed projects like Boyhood and Tree of Life, and most recently played a Marine who suffers an amputation in combat in the History Channel drama Six. Welch is also an amputee after losing one of her legs in an accident in 2016, and since then has become a spokesperson and advocate for the disability community.

She's also appeared in The Transcendents, The Golden Rut, Jack's Apocalypse, and Billy Bates, and she is represented by Collier Talent Agency.

The closes previous incarnation of Barbar Gordon occurred in WB's Birds of Prey series, which featured Dina Meyer in the role as a Gordon who had become Oracle after the tragic encounter with the Joker. We did get glimpses and flashbacks of her Batgirl days in that show though, so it remains to be seen if we'll get a similar handling of the character in Titans.

This will be the first time we've had Gordon as Commissioner of the GCPD in live-action however, though we have seen this a few times in other formats. Most notably Gordon was Commissioner in Batman Beyond (the animated series and comic series), and it will be interesting to see what Titans can do with the premise.

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