Dino Hunters Season 2 Premiere Date on Discovery Channel Revealed (Exclusive)

After an impressive debut outing, the Dino Hunters crew is returning for an all-new season, with [...]

After an impressive debut outing, the Dino Hunters crew is returning for an all-new season, with the Discovery Channel confirming that the series will return on July 30th. While the deserts the stars are investigating might now feel like desolate wastelands, they were once home to some of the biggest and most well-known beasts on Earth, with Season 2 hoping to uncover all-new secrets about the massive monsters, while also using cutting-edge CGI to envision what these dinosaurs would have looked like on their home turf. Check out a promo for Season 2 of Dino Hunters above before the series officially returns on July 30th on the Discovery Channel.

Per press release, "The dino-hunting cowboys are back and ready to dig up more prehistoric treasure across the Wild West. In the badlands of Wyoming, Montana, and the high deserts of New Mexico, the hunt is on not only for dinosaur fossils, but for buyers, as well. To prevent their way of life from becoming extinct, these ranchers must do more than find fossils. They must wrangle buyers who are willing to pay the right price for these extinct treasures. With their cherished way of life at stake, drastic times call for Jurassic measures.

"In the all-new season of Dino Hunters, cowboys and ranchers continue scouring the West for the most rare and valuable prehistoric fossils and remains – from discovering a trove of Mammoth tusks to a field of Triceratops bones to prepping a nearly complete T-Rex skull – in order to entice buyers, make a profit, and ultimately, keep their way of life alive.

"By using a combination of 3D modeling and CGI to create X-ray visualizations of both the fossils and the dinosaurs, Dino Hunters brings dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures back to life. Using this cutting-edge technology allows images to reveal what these dinosaurs looked like, how they moved, and other important characteristics of these prehistoric giants.

"This season, Dino Hunters features both new and returning characters. Continuing on their quest to find fossils are Mike Harris, Jake Harris, and Aaron Bolan in Wyoming and Clayton Phipps and his son Luke in Montana. New to this season is Andre Lujan, a Texas native with a passion for fossil hunting, as he helps Robert and Billie Abercrombie, fourth-generation ranchers who run a cattle operation in New Mexico. About a century ago Robert's grandfather discovered that the family homestead held much more than viable grazing land – it had a massive site of Ice-Aged Columbian Mammoth bones. But Robert's grandfather was never able to keep any of the remains, as they were excavated and transported to a museum out of state. Now, using the original map from the 1929 excavation, Robert has hired Andre to help locate the 100-year-old dig site and just maybe honor his grandfather's legacy by uncovering an ancient behemoth.

"Dino Hunters will give viewers an in-depth look how dinosaur fossils are uncovered, carefully excavated, and restored -- from a T-rex dinosaur in Wyoming to mammoth tusks in New Mexico to two massive Triceratops skulls in Montana that were trapped in a narrow slot canyon and had to be airlifted by helicopter to safety.

"This season, the pressure is on as the dino hunters are in a race against time, weather, and physical exhaustion as they endeavor to save exposed fossils from the elements before the winter snow blows in. Whether it is searching for a mass extinction site or unearthing potentially rare fossils, DINO HUNTERS is ready to take viewers on a journey through prehistoric times."

Dino Hunters Season 2 premieres on the Discovery Channel on July 30th at 9 p.m. ET.

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