Disney+ Has Less Than 15% of Netflix's Catalogue

Ever since its launch last week, the new Disney+ streaming service has been the talk of the [...]

Ever since its launch last week, the new Disney+ streaming service has been the talk of the streaming town. Nearly every word about a new addition to the service or mention of a single bug has made headlines. With such an impressive roster of beloved titles and an incredibly cheap price point compared to its streaming rivals, Disney+ was a smash hit upon arrival. There is a lot to love about Disney+, but when it comes to sheer content numbers, the fledgling service still doesn't hold a candle to Netflix.

Not to speak on the quality of the content on either service, Netflix just has significantly more movies and shows than Disney+. Some of those may be films you don't ever plan on watching, while every title on Disney+ has a built-in audience. Still, Netflix seriously outweighs Disney+ in terms of quantity, perhaps enough to justify its higher price.

Netflix currently boasts a roster of over 5,800 different titles. 3,900 of those are movies while more than 1,800 are TV programs. When you break it out into individual episodes as well, Netflix has a seemingly endless library of content to watch. Probably more than one could ever actually sit through, especially considering the fact that new originals are added every week and the movies streaming on Netflix often rotate in and out.

On the flip-side, Disney+ has just 800 unique movies and TV shows combined. That's less than 15% of Netflix's total, according to DecisionData. However, like we mentioned earlier, almost each and every title on Disney+ already has a dedicated audience. There are plenty of smaller movies and foreign-language shows on Netflix that simply don't carry much viewership at all.

Quality aside, Disney+ may actually benefit from a much smaller library. Users likely won't feel overwhelmed looking through all there is to offer, and it's easier to see every single option that's available at a given time. Go ahead and try scrolling through the "Movies A-Z" option on Disney+. It won't take but just a couple of minutes to flip through the entire movie library, even less than that for TV shows.

Netflix has a lot more content than Disney+, but most don't feel that content is quite as good as the rival service, and it costs twice the price. Is it worth it to choose one over the other? That's the question everyone will be asking themselves as the number of streaming services grows and hard decisions have to be made.

If you haven't checked out Disney+ yet and you want to give it a go, you can do that here.

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