Disney+ Confirms The Weekenders Is Being Added Soon

The newly-launched Disney+ streaming service has a ton of beloved movies and TV shows for fans to [...]

The newly-launched Disney+ streaming service has a ton of beloved movies and TV shows for fans to enjoy. The roster of the service is packed with nostalgic hits as well as new projects, ranging from The Sound of Music to Avengers: Endgame. It's also home to plenty of titles from Disney Channel that hold a special place in the hearts of multiple generations, but in particular those that grew up watching Disney Channel Original Movies on Friday nights. However, there are some popular projects that have been mysteriously absent from Disney+ since it arrived last week.

This includes The Weekenders, the animated series that aired in the early 2000s, about a group of four school friends who adventure together from Friday to Sunday. Fortuantely, Disney+ has confirmed that The Weekenders will be coming to the service very soon. Following a tweet from series star Jason Marsden, Disney+ Help took to Twitter to reveal that the first two seasons were on the way.

"Amazing news," the Disney+ Help account replied. "The Weekenders yr 1 and yr 2 (episodes 1-39) are scheduled to be added shortly. At the moment we don't have an exact date, but please stay posted as we continue to expand. As Fairy Godmother always says 'Even miracles take a little time'"

While this is certainly exciting news for fans of the animated series, it does seem strange that Disney+ is only working on getting half of the show's episodes to the streaming service in the near future. The Weekenders ran for a total of 77 episodes over a span of four seasons, airing from 2000-2004. 39 episodes (just two seasons) is only half of The Weekenders' full run, so there will still need to be another addition later on down the road.

Some of the titles that still haven't arrived on Disney+ are locked into streaming deals with other streaming services, such as Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Netflix. A lot of the newer Disney movies are still available on Netflix, unable to join the Disney+ lineup until their contracts with Netflix have ended. The Weekenders doesn't appear to be on any major streaming services at this point, so it's hard to figure out exactly why it isn't on Disney+ just yet.

There are a few other Disney-owned TV shows that fall into a similar situation as The Weekenders. Take Cory in the House, for example. The series is a spinoff of That's So Raven, which is on Disney+, making its absence even stranger. Some fans have gone the route of petitions to try and get Disney+ to add it to the roster in the week since launch.

Disney+ has made no comment regarding the arrival of Cory in the House, but The Weekenders is most definitely on the way sooner rather than later.

Are you looking forward to the arrival of The Weekenders on Disney+? What other shows do you want to see added to the service? Let us know in the comments!