Elon Musk Makes Dogecoin Joke in SNL Monologue

Well, Elon Musk made a Dogecoin joke on Saturday Night Live and it’s only been a few minutes. [...]

Well, Elon Musk made a Dogecoin joke on Saturday Night Live and it's only been a few minutes. The Tesla magnate wasn't present for the Mother's Day riff to begin the show, but he made up for lost time. Kudos to whoever wrote this monologue for him because he managed to parody himself and some of his antics while still winking at his legions of fans. His mother Mae Musk walked on-stage to get in on the act by joking about her son's eccentricities. When she asked what her Mother's Day gift was, they both looked into the camera and basically said "yep, it's Dogecoin." (Note: More information about the negative ecologic impact of cryptocurrencies and NFTs is included at the bottom of this article) Audience members laughed and many people at home hoping for the price of the currency to jump pumped their fists.

SNL star Pete Davidson has taken a sort of joking approach to the entire debacle. He appeared on Seth Myers this week and kind of defended Musk.

"I don't know why people are freaking out," Davidson laughed. "They're like, 'Oh I can't believe that Elon Musk is hosting!' And I'm like, the guy that makes the earth better kinda and makes cool things and sends people to Mars?"

In a promo for the episode, Musk promised to be on his best behavior with Miley Cyrus in tow. "Hi, I'm Elon Musk and I'm hosting SNL this week with musical guest Miley Cyrus," he began. "And, I'm a wild card, so there's no telling what I might do." Cyrus interjects with a quick jab at "rules, no thanks!"

(Note: Many critics point to the ecologic toll of NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and other such technologies as having a disastrous effect on the planet and exacerbating climate problems. You can read more about that here)