'Family Guy': That Shocking Brian Twist Is Continuing

The most recent episode of Family Guy, “The D in Apartment 23,” saw the Griffin family [...]

The most recent episode of Family Guy, "The D in Apartment 23," saw the Griffin family ostracized by the people of Quahog after one of Brian's controversial Tweets went viral. When faced with mob justice, the Griffins felt they had no choice but to send their loyal dog away.

Brian, with nowhere left to turn, found a place to live in a rundown, shady Quahog neighborhood. Fans were expecting a last-minute rescue, but the episode ends with Brian sad and alone and apparently that is going to be his status quo for the next several weeks.

According to TV Line, this "sad Brian" storyline will last for three episode, ending with the episode airing on Sunday, December 3rd. In next week's episode, Brian will begin working for a suicide prevention hotline and strike up a romance with one of his co-workers, voiced by Kristen Bell.

Brian has gone through some rough times on Family Guy. Four years ago, the show actually killed him off and replaced him with a new dog, Vinny, until Stewie went back and time and rescued Brian. Brian has also left the family for a multiple-episode arc previously back in the show's third season when Brian moved out to Hollywood to find himself and get into show business and wound up becoming an award-winning pornography director.