Fear the Walking Dead Season 6: Western-Style Key Art Released

A cowboy hat-wearing Morgan Jones (Lennie James) leads the cavalry in key art from Fear the [...]

A cowboy hat-wearing Morgan Jones (Lennie James) leads the cavalry in key art from Fear the Walking Dead's western and anthology-style sixth season. With his group split up and spread out across multiple settlements controlled by Virginia (Colby Minifie) and her Pioneers, the outlawed Morgan is on a mission to track down and reunite his people living under the rule of Virginia's Rangers. After killing ax-wielding bounty hunter Emile (Demetrius Grosse) during their duel at the prospective new community discovered by Isaac (Michael Abbott Jr.) and Rachel (Brigitte Kali Canales), a rejuvenated Morgan threatened Virginia before recruiting an amnesia-faking Daniel Salazar (Rubén Blades) outside Lawton, Oklahoma.

The key art shows (from left to right) newlyweds John (Garret Dillahunt) and June (Jenna Elfman), Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), a pregnant Grace (Karen David), Morgan and Daniel, the newly-deputized Victor Strand (Colman Domingo), Althea (Maggie Grace), Charlie (Alexa Nisenson), and Luciana (Danay Garcia).

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 key art
(Photo: AMC)

"We've talked about [Fear] as a western since Season 4, and the exciting thing for us now is that that landscape opens up even more because we're going to be going inside Virginia's communities," showrunner Ian Goldberg said during Fear's virtual Comic-Con panel over the summer. "And so we're going to be seeing a whole other facet to it. It's not a lawless Wild West, it's sort of the opposite, because Virginia rules with an iron fist. But we're gonna get peeks into those individual communities, which is just gonna open up the world in a really exciting way."

Taking an anthology approach made possible by its cast of separated survivors, Fear's sixth season draws from multiple movie genres. In this Sunday's "Alaska," teaming Al with Dwight (Austin Amelio), the showrunners looked to Die Hard — describing the action, mostly taking place inside the darkened halls of a walker-filled building, as "Die Hard with zombies."

"The really fun part is, we're big fans of movies and we kind of approached each episode as our Fear the Walking Dead lens on a particular movie or a particular genre," Goldberg said in a recent interview. "And without giving away what those movies are that were our inspirations or our touchstones, you'll see that they really run the gamut of tones from western to detective story to action, and it allows us to have a lot of fun and paint with a lot of different colors on our storytelling brushes."

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