Funko's New The Office Pops Have a Costume Party


Funko has unveiled a big wave of new Pop figures from The Office, and they're (mostly) about fan favorite costume moments from the show. Get ready to stage your own The Office Funko Pop costume party episode...

First off we have Funko's The Office Christmas lineup with Dwight dressed as an elf, Dwight dressed as Belsnickel, and Michael dressed as classy Santa. All three of those figures are available to pre-order right here with shipping slated for October.


Next up we have Prison Mike, which was released by Hot Topic last week and quickly sold out. However the figure was made available again on backorder this morning, so jump on that one fast. Additional upcoming exclusives include Jim dressed up as Dwight at BoxLunch (same pose as the original Dwight Pop with some minor adjustments to the face), Dwight as the Hay King at Walmart, Date Mike at Calendar Club, and Goldenface Jim and Andy Bernard at Target (it looks like Andy came to the party dressed as himself - but he's ready to play the banjo).

Finally, Funko launched 3 Hole Punch Jim as a Funko Shop exclusive yesterday, so the only place to get one at this point is on eBay. Note that the upcoming exclusives should be available via the links above in the coming weeks. Naturally, there are still a whole bunch of The Office characters / moments Funko has left to deliver, but you can bet that they'll get to them at some point. Funko seems to be pushing this lineup pretty hard.


In related news, starting tonight, August 8th/9th, between 11:30pm - 12am EST (8:30pm - 9pm PST), Hot Topic will launch their exclusive Dragon Ball Z Super Sayan Goten and The Nightmare Before Christmas Diamond Collection Dapper Jack Skellington Pop figures online. Head on over to this link to grab one when they go live.


Keep in mind that the Dragon Ball Z and The Nightmare Before Christmas Pop figures should be trickling out to brick-and-mortar Hot Topic stores starting today, but your odds of grabbing one there are probably pretty slim. If you can't get out to the store or you don't want to risk wasting your time, make sure to hit the link above in the launch window.

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